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Authentic Organic Matcha Powder

Authentic Organic Matcha Powder

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Discover the essence of traditional Japanese tea with our Premium Organic Matcha Powder. Sourced directly from the verdant tea fields of Uji, Japan, our matcha powder is 100% organic and stone-ground to preserve its rich flavor and health benefits.

Our matcha powder is not just a beverage, it's a lifestyle. It's a moment of calm in your busy day, a natural energy boost, and a pathway to inner focus. Lightly caffeinated, it's a perfect alternative to your morning coffee and a versatile addition to your kitchen. Whisk it up in hot water for a traditional matcha tea, blend it into smoothies, or froth it with milk for a creamy matcha latte. You can even experiment with it in your cooking and baking!

Packed with antioxidants, our Matcha powder offers numerous health benefits, from boosting your immunity to enhancing your skin's health. Embrace the Matcha Lifestyle and experience the transformative power of green with our Premium Organic Matcha Powder.

Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Kosher, Halal, Non GMO, Ethically & Sustainably sourced.


Weight: 75g, 150g, 250g


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